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Anyways, you can browse this blog of mine if you are interested to, and feel free to share your feedback for any improvement.

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Normally, people tend to sought for things that are no longer within their arm’s reach, and honestly I am also part of that population that makes it whole. Yeah, as it sounds too unimportant but I may say “No” for you have mistaken the fact that every little details in a statistical survey is essential.

For example, I elaborated my answer on a survey that makes me live with regrets, is…

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  1. Ignorance: “I didn’t know I was supposed to do that.” 
  2. Skill deficiency: “I don’t know how to do it.”  
  3. Apathy (1): “I really don’t want to do this.”  
  4. Apathy (2): “It really doesn’t make any difference if I put this off.”  
  5. Apathy (3): “No one really cares whether I do this or not.”  
  6. Apathy (4): “I need to be in the mood. I’m not.”  
  7. Fixed habits (1): “But I’ve always done it this way and it’s hard to change.”  
  8. Fixed habits (2): “I know I can pull this out at the last minute.”
  9. Fixed habits (3): “I work better under pressure.”
  10. Inertia: “I just can’t seem to get started.” 
  11. Frail memory: “I just forgot.” 
  12. Physical problems: “I couldn’t do it; I was sick.” 
  13. "Appropriate" delays (1): "I’m just waiting for the best time to do it." 
  14. "Appropriate" delays (2): "I need time to think this through." 


Dear you,

There was a time when I desired something that can’t be done, like I would take your jacket that you wore from work and hang it on the hook. While you are resting, I would prepare you a variety of delicious dinner. At the table, we would discuss how the day was and share stories like a happy family. While laying my head on top of your arm, I wanted to be a good wife who will tell, “goodnight”. As I say, it would be nice.

Yet, you always said that If we had met at a better time. We would have been destined to be together and if we were to ever meet again, let’s promise to ourselves that we don’t know each other.


To my mind empathy is in itself a healing agent.. because it releases, it confirms, it brings even the most frightened person into the human race. If a person is understood, her or she belongs
Carl Rogers


Honestly, I am okay. I am alright. I am okay anytime, but really. I am not so okay, and wanted to be okay. Yet, I am quite mad at myself for not appreciating everything that everybody else makes up for me. Yeah, I am very sorry guys.

Back then, everyone was there up for me but now. I am starting to see everyones efforts on helping me to move on. At first, it was hell for me and then you came unexpectedly, you made me laugh, made smile and most of all got that thing to make my life full of colors.

I wanted to be happy, and be with the people who will make important for them.