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My head throbs with every paragraph that I try to complete and…


It was already midnight after I woke up from my “power nap”, that I’ve supposed to have after understanding some new concepts on the academe. Unfortunately, as I try to persuade myself more by thinking that I’ve been too much on my body, thus exhausting it my nap turned out to be not sufficient for more of my daily task so I will try to track all of my activities for today.

This morning after I’ve confirmed that I am already late for my climbing session within Batangas, and got the verification that the original plan was cancelled. In my exasperation, I surrendered myself to my ever loving bed and literally sleep like a log. 

After I woke up and  settled down my needs, I immediately check my readings and definitely went to the mall as a reward for myself. There, I got to treat myself a date with “Minho”. A cutie from the Maza Runner which I am always referring as you whenever I got the time to share it to you while watching like a kid, well it has to be. Anyways, time was spent well regardless of how much I’ve really spend for today.

As everything turned black and the stars were already set on each constellations that were drawn by our wide imagination. I was already out there and contacting you while buying some plant for myself and for my mother, yet I don’t feel any fatigue. In time, while waiting for a ride going back home. I met an old friend and turned out to be that I’ve missed her too. I remember that we’ve shared so many personal information while having fun.

Anyway, after dragging myself up for another walk in my stupor and groggy state while carrying a load of items that I’ve purchased I immediately felt drained now and wanted to sleep, because if I don’t sleep after cleaning up myself I will definitely get a fever.

Well, wrapping it all up in my way. I might say that I’ve been so efficient taking up all of my time today. 

Throw back partnership of ACN and Ayala Foundation’s career workshop for the underprivilleged with the diverse HR team. #vscocam #TBT #Diversity #Cause


It was this early in the afternoon I suddenly picked up a call from an unidentified woman from the teen age group ranging from 17 to 19 and asked me if I know Manang Floring. 

And yes, I conformed to the norm who were receiving immediate dials from these mysterious callers in which I immediately responded to these anons with “Who and what” from the informal call that I received. Honestly, I don’t want to dump and bullshit all calls that I am receiving from those people these days because I am rooting for a call from your classmate.