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Selfism: The Art of Selfishness

Everyday I always smile, and thanking god for sparing my life from the possibility of death on the next morning like no others.Thus, I felt so special for giving me another chance to live with this exoskeleton having these unique human traits such as individualism, et al.

Yet,  the feeling of having no dupes from the others aside from my belief of the way I was created by God is so great. Nonetheless, someone has the outrageous idea to do such abominable act,  in spite of the present advance technology in our surroundings that could such a feat. That’s why I am a concerned for their actions.

Furthermore, these acts of selfishness reached to the point of taking continuous pictures of themselves without the regard of possible criticism that may took for such act depending upon the situation. Yet, in time I believe that they will change for good.  Because (Y.O.L.O.) You Only Live Once

Cheeks were red, ties were not crooked, clothes were good,  and everything are also irresistibly cute. 

Everyday, were not always like I wanted to. Classes has their own time, and students were, also busy like those Professors has their own business to attend to. School staffs were unlikely to be stingy. Walking down the stairways. Even though, I am thinking of having a glance of  that time. 

Not until, I met you. I reckoned myself on how will I see you again. I was so surprised that someone like you will come there. Energy surged up into my system. My heart pounded so fast. Yet, I always deny things up when I am getting a long gazed on you, whenever there were so many of us in one place.

Now, I don’t see you anywhere. I didn’t see you, nor have a little chat with. Things weren’t the same. Yet, I anticipate on hooking up with you the next time we meet, or perhaps just taking a little sweet talk in Facebook might do the trick. 

Not until, I saw you with someone. Feelings were comparable to my longing of you, yet so anxious, and hurt of who is that person. Wanting to say.. Hi?

Every morning, wake-up calls, cuddles, kisses, and hugs were always there. And, it was like nothing that I could wish for, after receiving those treatments you were giving on me. Because, I miss those things terribly. Looking up at the phone, waiting a call from you. Until, I decided on to hope anymore, and sleep with grieve. 

Months, and weeks passed like normal days…



As I write this. I presume that I am already done with it, reading it, and looking back at those moments.

Black, blue, and white

Were the colors of my life those time. I hardly find myself on tracks. I seem so lost, and anxious on everything that surrounds me.

Yellow, and red

I met  this cool guy that made my life quite different from what I imagine. Joy, and anger swelled up inside me everyday. Yet, he brought firsts on my life. 

Orange, and green.

Great, and awesome friends brought by red came into my life. I was happy with everything new on me. I learned how to cram great classes, drink bitter booze, smoke dirty cigarettes, and make friends with total asses. Yet, I learned on how to make a bit difference of myself from the others.

Fuchsia, periwinkle, and brown

I almost met everyone around this person, and made this regrettable decision of my life. I learned to love, and got shattered into pieces. I succumbed by those shits.

Gray, and purple.

I cried everyday yearning for acceptance, and love. Nothing come forth on me. Yet, I am very thankful for my former professor at FGUICON. Not to mention I hid everything from her. Because I was afraid on becoming the subject. I was tempted to hid it because of my pride to solve it myself. 

Looking back at it. I feel so guilty,and stupid on why did I put her down in the very place after myself. Yet, inside of me I wanted to say sorry, and thank her for every lesson that she wanted to share on us.

Green, and royal blue

I learned to love, and be one with nature by spiritual means. Everyday, it seems that I already passed those aches. Yet, irony fills me up when it is opened, and I personally don’t want to talk about it. Because I value myself first than others.

Now it ends, and I am sorry “self”.

Yesterday, and back then were the only words I presume that the next generation’s tales. Yet, with the regrets, anguished brought by it were still there. The wants, and hope for natural preservation became a natural nightmare. Demise, and scarcity were all over the corners of this rigid spheroid. 

Yearning for this addition of warning for the future. Bodies of waters alike such as rivers, reservoirs, streams, lakes, seas, and ocean will be filled of pitch black dirt. Never to be drank again.