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I am "Rainy"

Anyways, you can browse this blog of mine if you are interested to, and feel free to share your feedback for any improvement.

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Honestly, I am okay. I am alright. I am okay anytime, but really. I am not so okay, and wanted to be okay. Yet, I am quite mad at myself for not appreciating everything that everybody else makes up for me. Yeah, I am very sorry guys.

Back then, everyone was there up for me but now. I am starting to see everyones efforts on helping me to move on. At first, it was hell for me and then you came unexpectedly, you made me laugh, made smile and most of all got that thing to make my life full of colors.

I wanted to be happy, and be with the people who will make important for them.


Relief, hunger, and happiness are what I’ve felt after a hearthy cardio session. Honestly, there are only sweats on my chest and most of it are on my back. Looking at me from the distance would seem I am moving so fast, but did just a whole and a half of laps.

Yeah, I know that I am quite lampa, and you know driven by motivations. Honestly, while I was jogging I kept on thinking on…

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I always wanted you to see me cry every once then you shatter me smithereens, but now pain taught me a lot on dealing with your taken heart.


You told me to move on, and don’t get too affectionate on you because you do also have that special someone of yours. Back then, I cry a lot whenever you do things that I don’t want to see. Your attention, touch, company, and in short,…

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Death lingered like an invisible strike of thunder claps from behind. Fatal strike as it is, for its shadows cripples every being as it come closer by its freezing tendrils. Despair and misery are what they felt after the chilly touch of its shadow.

Wailing souls are what be heard as it approaches and by its incapacitating aura. The victim’s soul began to sucked out with their essence and transformed to a fiery soul in an eternal burning world of agony.

As it seems, countless victims of death were damned, defiled, and more over, felt violated. In a charred world, they took a fiery form, glimmering eyes,and a zombie-sh infection.

Eons had passed they learned to cherish anything they see, Like a fleeting magical curse of amnesia was dispelled and KA-BLAM! They disintegrated.

The End! 


 I really wanted to buckling up myself with that vigorous confidence that I always muster. In which I will begin distributing questionnaires to a group of individuals in such feat and somehow is basically categorized as conducting a retrospective method for the sole purpose of gathering relative information for a specific development purpose.

Cold shudders are what my body felt after getting soaked up by the rain while getting to the prized car of my father. Unconsciously, I started to sneeze so hard and blowing up with waters runny nose as what I see, after drying up myself inside that freezing vehicle. Common cold as I exclaimed on myself based on the symptoms that I felt. 

Yeah, probably the symptoms that I felt are something not to be worried about, because aside from being a fool I am still that genuine idiot. Nay, only fools catches a cold as I exasperated on myself meticulously, in spite that famous phrase of some dramatic casts.

Well, if you haven’t even heard of that phrase. Really, I won’t be surprised either, because this phrase “Only fools catch a cold” emphasizes the carelessness of a person on caring himself in a rainy weather condition, and probably you might be understand me that this time is an exception for it I was in a middle of a harsh weather condition. Super typhoon eh?

Furthermore, not a bristling food could cure this easily. Naturally, it is always be treated with the right and exceptional hot coffee, love, water and sleep. Yeah, I always need love to inspire me and keep me motivated for a fast recovery, sx, and learning. Just kidding.

Kidding aside, I miss my friends, everyone, and you on this cold weather. I really wanted to cuddle and hug with you this time especially when we started telling our own stories like forever.